Super Bowl Betting

On a mid-winter Sunday, people all over the world huddle around televisions in homes, bars, casinos, and parties to watch the biggest annual single event on the sports and entertainment calendar. The Super Bowl attracts rabid football fans, casual fans, and even non-sports fans who love the pageantry and spectacle surrounding the big game. Betting on the outcome of the game and the performance of individual players and entertainers is part of the excitement of the occasion.

Who will be in the Super Bowl?

The two conferences held their championship games on Sunday, January 19, following two weeks of Wild Card and Divisional Round playoff games. In the NFC, the San Francisco 49ers defeated the Green Bay Packers by a 37-20 score. In the AFC, the Kansas City Chiefs upended the Tennessee Titans 35-24. Most often in recent years, the leading offenses in the league have been the ones to advance through the playoffs to the Super Bowl, but on occasion it is extra-talented defenses that have prevailed. The Chiefs are that high-powered offense, while the 49ers shine on defense. The nature of the Super Bowl is often determined by the dominance of one side of the ball or another. The Super Bowl will pit strength versus strength.

Betting Options for the Super Bowl

Betting Options for the Super Bowl vary from straightforward bets on who will win and against the spread bets on whether they win as anticipated, all the way to performance bets on how many touchdowns a quarterback will throw and how many costume changes will happen during the halftime show.

  • Moneyline bet is a bet on which team wins the Super Bowl outright, and is based on a $100 wager or prize. A negative number moneyline of a favorite is more likely to happen, and the number represents the amount you must wager in order to win $100. A positive number is less likely to occur and represents the amount you win on your $100 bet.
  • The Point Spread bet is not merely on the outcome of the game, but how the final score compares to the oddsmaker’s opinion of what the point differential will be. A point spread underdog is represented by a positive number; you win a bet on the underdog if the underdog wins the game outright or loses the game by fewer points than the spread. If you bet on the favorite, that team must win the game by more points than the spread for you to win the bet.
  • Totals bet is more commonly known as the over/under line. The oddsmaker will determine what the total number of points scored will be at the conclusion of the game. You win your bet on the over if the teams combine to score more than that number; your bet on the under is a winner if the combined score is lower than that line.
  • Parlay betting offers the opportunity to bet on two or more things both happening. You can parlay on the moneyline and the total, for example, and win a larger amount that betting those two outcomes separately.
  • Teaser bet is a type of parlay bet, but it adjusts the spreads available to you by an amount determined by the oddsmaker. This widening of the spread window makes winning a teaser bet somewhat more likely, but the payout on a teaser is lower than a straight parlay.
  • Betting propositions, or Prop Bets, have been a staple of Super Bowl bets for years. Bets are placed on propositions of individual or team performances, achievement of various stats or unusual occurrences. Betting on the coin toss or whether or not a touchdown will be scored on a trick play are examples of prop bets.

Super Bowl 2020/Super Bowl 54 betting odds, predictions, tips, lines, picks

With a week still to go before the big game, Kansas City is a light money line favorite at -125 against San Francisco at +105. Kansas City is the point spread favorite by 1.5 points. The over/under line for the total points scored in the game is 54 points.

Super Bowl Live Betting

Super Bowl kickoff, like the beginning of a thoroughbred race, used to be the moment of cutoff to close the betting window for the game. Oddsmakers have taken advantage of newer technologies to institute Super Bowl Live Betting. As the game progresses and scores change, the odds of outcome of the game and of gaming propositions also change.

Super Bowl Live Betting now allows you to make more bets with knowledge of how the game has begun to flow, and certainly the outcomes of the game and the players are still in question though the final whistle.

Super Bowl Live Streaming

Super Bowl Live Streaming is available on the DAZN app (pronounced “Da Zone”), offering exclusive live coverage of the Super Bowl and to all NFL games; games can be watched on your smartphone or tablet, game console, computer, smart TV, or on your television through smart devices including Roku, Amazon FireStick, Xbox, and PlayStation.

DAZN subscribers can also access live streams or archived feeds of KHL hockey; boxing, MMA, and other combat sport matches; UEFA, Serie A and B, and other international soccer leagues; and dozens more.

Super Bowl FAQ

Super Bowl 54 will kick off on Sunday, February 2, 2020 at 6:30pm EST.

The Super Bowl is being held at hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

Super Bowl 53 in 2019 featured the New England Patriots and the Los Angeles Rams.

New England defeated Los Angeles in a defensive game, winning 13-3.

The MVP of Super Bowl 53 was wide receiver Julian Edelman of the Patriots, who caught ten passes for 141 yards.