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How to watch live sports streams on betting sites?

A bet on a sporting event always adds a little extra enjoyment to the game, particularly when you can watch the action unfolding live in front of you. Over recent years the option to watch live sports streaming via betting sites has become increasingly available and is a fantastic cheap and easy alternative to buying an expensive TV package, requiring just a little time and a few dollars to set-up an account and, perhaps, place a bet.

It’s certainly a preferable option to the old days of having to rely on what were often seriously delayed text commentaries or basic live score updates. Accessing live sports streaming via a bookmaker is very straightforward.  The first requirement is to have an account with the bookmaker covering the game you wish to view.

So, not forgetting to claim any Welcome Bonus to which you might be entitled, either sign-up for a new account or, if you already have an account with a bookmaker showing your chosen game, simply sign-in as an existing


user.  Make sure that your account is funded, then have a browse of the live sports streaming menu for

upcoming events and click on the icon for the game you wish to view.

There are some minor differences between bookmakers as to specific requirements that need to be met prior to watching their live sports streaming.  These can vary at any given bookmaker between individual sports, competitions and games.  Some games may require you to have placed a relatively bet of perhaps a dollar or two in the previous 24 hours, but you’re never going to be required to spend anything excessive before you can access the live broadcast of your chosen sporting event.

What kind of sports can you watch live?

Once you have an account with a reputable bookmaker that covers live sports streaming, it can give you access to a vast range of sporting games and events to watch via your account.  Should you so wish, you could almost watch live sporting action 24/7, 365 days per year, with events available to enjoy from all corners of the world.

It’s not quite perfect though, as there are certain location restrictions in place that you need to be aware of, in that if there’s a TV deal in place for the (usually domestic) game or tournament you wish to watch, then there’s every possibility that your bookmaker won’t be permitted to screen the game within that country’s borders.

Although this can be desperately frustrating, it’s worth remembering that there is still a superb array of other sports and games to select from for you to enjoy. Having an account with a bookmaker who provides live sports streaming entitles you to access top sporting action from around the world, usually including many of the top national and international tournaments in your chosen sport.

So whether it’s ice hockey, basketball, baseball, American Football, soccer, horse racing or whatever major sport you follow, there will almost certainly be a bookmaker that provides live sports streaming that covers it in some form or other.

How is the video quality?

There are plenty of individuals among the general public who are under the impression that they have no alternative other than to pay for an expensive TV subscription if they want to watch live sport, with the only other option being to use dodgy illegal live streams.  However, an account with a decent online bookmaker that provides live sports streaming means that is certainly not the case.

First and foremost, it’s important to know that in using a reputable bookmaker, you will be watching a totally legal broadcasting of the game or event of your choosing. The problems with using an illegal stream of a sporting event are all too familiar to many of us, with a wide variety of potential issues to contend with.

Illegal streams can often be of such low quality that they are virtually unwatchable, with your enjoyment of the game being interrupted by constant pop-ups, adverts and buffering.  In addition, these illegal streams usually have a commentary in a language that you don’t understand.  It can all add up to a thoroughly frustrating viewing experience for the viewer.

When you use a bookmaker for live sports streaming however, you shouldn’t encounter any of the aforementioned issues, with the picture quality of the live streaming of sporting events on your desktop or mobile device likely to be every bit as good as that which you would get on your TV screen with an expensive subscription package.

One factor to bear in mind is that when you use a bookmaker site for live sports streaming, the pictures you receive do come with a slight delay of, typically, between two and five seconds.  This is just a safety net for the bookmakers to prevent any customers attempting to put on late bets when live betting are unable to do so before the bookmakers’ traders have an opportunity to suspend the game for betting purposes.  It’s such a minimal delay that it really shouldn’t detract from the enjoyment of watching the game.

Which bookmakers have live streams?

There is so much competition to both attract new and retain existing customers among bookmakers that they really have to pull out all the stops to stay ahead of the game today.  Welcome bonuses, ongoing promotional offers, competitive odds and great customer service all play a significant part in customer satisfaction.

Now there is an increasing demand from customers to be able to watch the events they are betting on live as the action unfolds.  As a consequence, an ever increasing number of bookmakers provide live sports streaming as part of their service. One highly recommended bookmaker option is bet365, who provide an extensive live sports streaming service to their customers.

The specific requirements to watch live streaming on the bet365 site can vary, depending on the sport and game, with just a funded account being required for some events or have placed a bet in the previous 24 hours for others.  Live sports streaming at bet365 can be accessed on your desktop or via their app on your mobile device for added convenience. Another excellent option to consider for live sports streaming to your desktop or mobile device is William Hill.

Again the requirements to access their service are minimal, with all that’s required to watch live action being to have a funded account or to have had a bet within the previous 24 hours.   It’s a sensible decision to have several bookmaker accounts if you want to access live sports streaming, as they can vary quite widely as to the sports, competitions and games they cover.