High Roller Offers

If you have the money, know your casino games, and are ready to make bigger bets for bigger wins, then a high roller bonus is something you want to consider. High roller bonuses will get you a higher amount of money, so you have extra cash to make bigger bets. Traditionally, high rollers have been in blackjack, baccarat, and other table games, but with the development of progressive games, savvy slot players are also cashing in on high roller bonuses to get them the extra mile to hit the jackpot.

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How to Claim a High Roller Bonus

High roller bonuses work much like regular bonuses. The main difference is the amount that the bonus goes up to. The minimum deposit is much higher, but the bonus will also go up to a much higher amount.

Let’s do some comparisons. Most welcome bonuses are a 100% matching deposit, going up to a maximum bonus of somewhere between £100 to £300.  High roller bonuses, on the other hand, might start from £500 to over £1,000, although they usually (but not always!) have a lower matching deposit rate, perhaps at 60% instead of 100%. In exchange for the lower matching rate, you will get a lot more bonus cash to play with.

At some online casinos, players like to claim the high roller bonus to pad up their accounts because after the initial welcome bonus, the reload bonus rates are often much lower, at 20 to 30%.

Why Are These the Best High Roller Bonuses

There aren’t any fixed rules when it comes to high roller bonuses, a lot of it will vary from casino to casino. We chose these bonuses as the best high roller bonuses because the matching rate and the amount that the bonus goes up to are high. We also take into special consideration the terms the bonus comes with – such as the wagering requirement and the time limit, and the game contributions.

Sometimes, because the higher deposit from these bonuses demonstrates that the player is not a potential bonus abuser, the casino trusts the player more and the wagering requirement may also be lower. In the case of discounted wagering requirements, the high roller bonus becomes an especially excellent deal.

And with the large deposits needed for high roller bonuses, we will make sure that the casino offering the bonus must be one with a good reputation!

High Roller Bonuses: Important Things You Should Understand

Before you jump in and deposit a large sum of money, you should understand some key points behind high roller bonuses.

  • Matching Deposit or Not
    While most bonuses tend to be matching deposits, sometimes they are not, and are more like buy-ins. This is more common with high roller bonuses than regular bonuses.  Instead of a matching bonus, you receive the bonus by depositing a so-called ‘minimum’ sum of money. If you deposit more than the minimum, you will not get more of a bonus.Let’s take an example: A regular bonus will match your deposit by, 50% up to £100. If you deposit £10, you will get a £5 bonus. If you deposit £100, you’ll get £50.When it’s not a matching bonus, it may say, “Deposit a minimum of £1,000 and Receive £1,000”. If you do the maths, it’s a 100% bonus, but depositing £1,500 will still only get you £1,000.In these cases, don’t deposit more than the ‘minimum’, because you won’t get more. Save the extra money for the wagering requirement instead.
  • Wagering Requirements
    Like any other bonus, high roller bonuses come with wagering requirements. This is the amount you must bet before you can withdraw any money you’ve won while playing on the bonus. The wagering requirement is also sometimes called the playthrough requirement.The requirement is often a multiple of the bonus, or sometimes the bonus plus deposit. For example, if you have a bonus of £1,000 with a 10x requirement, that means you need to wager your bonus £1,000 x 10, which is £10,000. Some casinos will offer lower wagering requirements for high rollers.
  • Time Limitation
    This is the amount of time you have to fulfill the wagering requirement before your bonus and winnings from the bonus become void. Time limitation can vary, but generally speaking a longer time limitation will give you more flexibility.
  • Game Contributions
    Not all games contribute equally to the requirement. Typically slots and most instant games like scratch cards will contribute 100% to the requirement – this means that every single bet you place on slots will contribute to the requirement.Card and table games contribute less – the exact percentage varies by game and casino. When compared to regular welcome bonuses, high roller bonuses may sometimes come with better game contributions for card and table games.