Free Bingo Games

Online casinos are constantly trying to attract new players and reward their existing ones. One way they do this is by offering free bingo games either as part of a no deposit introductory bonus or as a loyalty bonus.

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If you’re a new player, free bingo games are a fantastic way to try out online bingo if you’ve never played it before, or to test-drive a new casino before you go to the effort of depositing your hard earned cash. While most online bingo sites have a range of different games on offer to play for free, they are usually more limited in scope than the for money games. To gain access to the free games on offer you usually need to register an account with a casino, which is free, and only takes a few seconds.

Established players may be able to play free bingo games and be in for a chance of winning a cash prize as a reward for playing or wagering a certain amount. These games are the casino’s way of saying thank you for your business and sometimes they can turn out quite lucrative.

Whether you are a new player or an established one, if you’re interested in learning more about playing bingo games for free, you can check out our top bingo sites with free games below.

How to Claim Free Bingo Games

There are a number of different ways you can access free bingo games and we go through a few of the main ones here:

  • New players. When you sign on at a new bingo site you may be given access to their no deposit bingo games. These may sound too good to be true but you can actually win money without having to pay out a single penny on many of these sites. All you have to do is register an account with the casino, find where the free bingo games are going on and jump right in. Once you feel comfortable with the casino and the format of the games you can be more confident about wagering your own money.
  • Existing players. If you are a regular at your favourite bingo casino you may have the opportunity to play free bingo and win some great prizes. Bingo sites like to thank their loyal customers and reward them so they will keep playing. One way they do this is to give them access to a free bingo room or give them free tickets to bingo games so they can make their money go further. You will need to check with the casino to find out what they do, but often invitation to a free room or certain games is automatic when you wager a certain amount within a certain period of time.

Why Are Our Free Bingo Games the Best?

If you look around on Google, you’ll find there are tens if not hundreds of bingo sites offering free bingo games to attract new players. It’s a good idea to be careful before you play at an unknown site. Many online casinos claim to offer free bingo, but in actual fact there are so many terms and conditions or you have to jump through hoops and give out your banking details to play.

Unfortunately there are disreputable sites out there. Our bingo sites are all reputable and safe so you can be sure your privacy will be protected. The games on offer are high quality, unlike many other casinos that might not have a great selection or a good gaming experience on offer.

When you read the fine print, there are often wagering requirements that make cashing out any money won playing free bingo close to impossible. Our top casinos have reasonable wagering requirements before you can cash out your winnings, which means that you won’t have to jump through more hoops than are reasonable to get the money you’ve won.

Free Bingo Games: Important Things To Understand

While they may look great on paper, there are a few things that it’s important to understand about free bingo games. Knowing what to expect can help you avoid a misunderstanding or disappointment, especially when it comes to claiming any money you’ve won when playing for free.

They usually run for limited periods of time

In the majority of online bingo casinos, their free games run at certain times of day, usually mid morning and mid afternoon, or late at night. While some do have free games around the clock, this isn’t always the case so if you have limited availability to play, check their schedule first.

The full jackpot may only be available to paying players

Free bingo games do offer jackpots, usually around the £15-£50 mark. While some games are advertised as having a higher jackpot, you may need to buy in to the game to receive it.

There may be wagering requirements to claim your prize

Withdrawing your free bingo prize might not be as easy as originally thought with many casinos imposing wagering requirements. This means you will need to wager the amount of your winnings a certain number of times on paid bingo games before you can withdraw it. Other bingo sites may award their prizes in the form of game credits so you can play other games, instead of giving you a cash bonus.

With so many different bingo sites around, it can be hard to choose between them. Playing free bingo lets you try before you buy so you can find the bingo site that is right for you. Once you’ve found a site you love, and you’re confident playing for free you can graduate to playing for real money and enjoy the bigger jackpots and bonuses available to real money players!