Boxing Betting Predictions,Tips & Betting Odds

Unlike sports like golf, or hockey, or football, boxing matches don’t come up every other day. When they do come up, however, the betting action on them is enormous.

And as one might expect, the online sportsbooks do their very best to accommodate the seldom activated market with a large number of standard and prop markets that Canadians take advantage of whenever they can.

Because there are judges involved in the scoring, you do get the opportunity to bet on some markets that you’d never see outside of an Olympic Games or possibly American Idol. We’ve listed a number of them below so that you can get a better idea of what’s being offered in the world of boxing betting.

Boxing Betting Sites

When it comes to offering up these boxing markets, there’s one sportsbook that stands out among the rest and that book is Bet365. Prop wagers are kind of their bread and butter at Bet365 so it ends up working quite well for them when a big fight comes up.

To be honest, though, they actually do a good job offering tons of boxing betting markets even when the less important fights come around. Even for just a regular, run of the mill fight, they offer more than a dozen different markets. And besides all of the betting opportunities that they afford their customers, they also give them a great incentive to sign up for a new account.

New Canadian customers at Bet365 receive a 100% bonus on their first deposit up to $200 CAD. That’s one of the biggest bonuses among all of the online sportsbooks that service

Standard Boxing Markets
Outright winner

Boxing Prop Markets
Total Rounds, Fight Outcome (5 way), Round Group Betting, Round by Round Betting, Will there be a knockdown? Will it go the distance? Will the fight go to decision, Will there be a point deduction, Will there be a knockout.