Mobile Casino Bonuses

Mobile gaming is all the rage, and online casinos have been quick to roll out mobile casinos so players can easily enjoy their favourite casino games while on the go. Some mobile casinos have an app, but many can be accessed simply by going to the casino’s website on your device’s browser. Online casinos have invested deeply to become mobile friendly, and you’ll find that there are many mobile casino bonuses to get players going on their phones and tablets.

Types of Mobile Bonuses

  1. Welcome Bonus
    As with online casinos, you can get a welcome bonus when you sign up at a mobile casino and make a deposit. Rates and terms for these mobile casino bonuses are normally the same as the ones for those you get at the desktop, online casino.
  2. Download Bonus
    With casinos that come as mobile apps, sometimes you can get an extra deal just for downloading the app. Some will give you a free no-deposit bonus, while others may give extra free spins. Just for downloading and playing from the app.
  3. Free Spins Mobile Bonus
    Free spins for mobile slots can come on different occasions. Sometimes you can get free spins for signing up at the mobile casino. Then there are regular weekly and monthly promos, with extra free spins specifically for playing on mobile. Enough said.

Mobile vs. App

Mobile casinos can come in two flavours. The first is an HTML5 casino – you just go to the online casino’s website from your phone or tablet’s browser, and login and voila. The casino automatically detects your device, adjusts itself to it and you’re ready to continue as usual. The second is a mobile casino app, which you have to download and install. The casino then runs on your device like any other app, so you’ll have direct access to it from your Home Screen. In terms of gameplay, the difference between the two is relatively minor, but the advantage to downloading the app is that you can receive notifications for bonuses and other offers from the casino immediately on your phone.

The Best Mobile Casinos Out There

On-the-go gaming is becoming a serious trend and an increasing number of casinos is jumping on the mobile train. We’re keeping our eyes peeled for newcomers on the mobile market and we’ll regularly update our pages with fresh reviews. So make sure to check back with soon!

How to Download and Install the Apps

Most mobile casinos can be played simply by going to their website from your phone or tablet’s browser. This is the easiest way and you won’t have to worry about apps taking up precious space on your device and affecting its performance.

  • Go to the casino’s website from your phone or browser
  • Select ‘Join’ or ‘Sign up’ and create a casino account
  • Recommended: From setting button in browser, click ‘Add to Home Screen’. This will create a short cut on your home screen so you can access the casino with 1 tap.

Some casinos have downloadable apps for iOS and Android. While iOS casino apps can theoretically be found from iTunes, it is better to download the app directly from the casino. There are many so-called casino apps on iTunes that take the names of casinos but are basically just junk. For Android, Google Play forbids the listing of any real money gambling app, so you can only download Android casino apps from the casino themselves.

Withdrawing Your Mobile Bonus

While some players use bank transfers and credit cards at online casinos, we highly recommend going with an e-wallet at a mobile casino. Skrill and Neteller are accepted at most mobile casinos. Not only will it be quicker for you to receive your money, but these two e-wallets have made secure mobile transactions much easier for their users. Much better than typing in your credit card’s 16 numbers on a touchscreen.

Mobile Bonus FAQ

Not at all. Most of the time, you can just go to the casino’s website from your mobile device’s browser and login to play. Or sign up if you don’t have an account. These are sometimes known as HTML5 casinos, or web-based casino apps.

If it’s from playing with a mobile bonus, you will have to fulfil the bonus’ wagering requirements before you can withdraw. Specific process varies with each casino, but normally, when you’re logged in you’ll find a banking or a withdrawal tab in your account.

We recommend Skrill, it’s one of the most widely accepted payment methods across mobile and online casinos. Its Skrill 1 tap feature makes mobile payments much easier, without sacrificing security. Neteller also does a good job.

Desktop is more comfortable with the bigger screen and has more games. However, mobile casinos today have hundreds of slots, live dealer games and other casino favorites. With mobile, you can also play on the go, or when you’re just slacking off from you couch. Add the different bonuses available for mobile, we suggest playing them both!