PaySafeCard Canada for Sports Betting – Deposit Method Review


PaySafeCard is a way for you to pay for things online without putting your credit card or banking information on the internet. PaySafeCard works at numerous online services like Spotify and Steam and dozens of different online sports betting sites like Bet365, Pinnacle Sports, William Hill, and 888 Sport.

What makes PaySafeCard truly unique in the world of online sportsbook deposit methods is that you can purchase PaySafeCard in a physical, brick and mortar, location and then put your money online in a matter of seconds. In the sections below we’ll tell you where you can purchase PaySafeCard, how you can make a deposit with it, and just what sports betting websites accept it.

PaySafeCard Sports Books / Betting Sites for Canadians

  • Bet365 – Bet365 is the most popular sports betting sites for Canadian bettors and they accept PaySafeCard as a deposit method. All PaySafeCard deposits made by Canadians at Bet365 are added to the user’s betting account instantly and are subject to a weekly minimum and maximum of $10 and $1,500.
  • William Hill – William Hill is a UK based sportsbook that has a brick and mortar presence overseas, but accepts wagers from all over the world, including Canada. They accept PaySafeCard as a deposit method and allow you to either deposit using your PaySafeCard account or do so directly with a voucher you have purchased.
  • 888 Sport – 888 Sport is the sports betting division of the 888 group of companies that offer online gambling opportunities for Canadians. They offer PaySafeCard as a deposit method and are well known for having one of the best mobile betting apps on the market.
  • Sportingbet – Sportingbet is an online sports betting site that’s always taken special care to gear their promotions towards Canadian gamblers. They have a Canada specific landing page and even offer a $150 Free Bet promotion specifically for Canadians. They offer PaySafeCard as a deposit method and their customers can make PaySafeCard deposits in amounts that range from $10 to $1,500.

How Does PaySafeCard Work?

PaySafeCard sells vouchers both online and through physical retailers like small grocery stores and postal offices. In Canada they are well known for selling their vouchers out of Canada Post locations. At physical locations, you can purchase the vouchers using any method that the location accepts including credit card, debit card, or cash.

Once you’ve paid for your voucher, you now can do one of two things with it. You can add it to your online PaySafeCard account or you can make a direct deposit with it straight to the sports betting site of your choice. Each voucher comes with a 16 digit pin that you will enter either on the PaySafeCard site or at the sports betting site of your choice and once that 16 digit pin is verified, funds will be added to your account immediately.

Once you enter a shop to purchase a voucher, you can transform your funds from cash to online money in a matter of minutes.

At this time PaySafeCard does not offer provisions for making withdrawals, but online sportsbooks will simply transfer the money you win back to the bank account you choose when you request a withdrawal.

Why Use PaySafeCard for Online Sports Betting?

There are many different situations under which someone would want to use PaySafeCard for making deposits to an online sportsbook.

  • Your Credit Card was Declined – This, of course, doesn’t mean that you don’t have any credit left on your card, it simply means that your credit card company has decided to flag the transaction as online gambling and deny it. It really depends on the processor and the credit card company so it can happen sporadically. PaySafeCard allows you to bypass this denial.
  • You Don’t Want your Credit Card Info Online – This is really a worry that can be put aside in this day in age as all online sports betting sites use dual key 128 bit encryption for their transactions, but if putting your credit card information online is an issue for you, PaySafeCard is an excellent way to avoid doing it.
  • You Want to use Cash – Since you can purchase PaySafeCard from a real, brick and mortar, retailer, you can make your purchases in cold hard cash.
  • No Currency Exchange Fees – If you happen to be using an online sportsbook that doesn’t support Canadian currency, the exchange fees charged by credit card companies can be a serious issue. PaySafeCard does not charge any of these fees and also gives you an up to date and fair conversion rate on your currency exchanges.

Where to Buy PaySafeCard (Location Finder)

There are numerous brick and mortar businesses that sell PaySafeCard, but the most notable ones are Canada Post locations. That’s right, you can go to any Canada Post location in Canada and purchase PaySafeCard. There are other locations and they are typically independent convenience stores. If you would like to see a map of the businesses in your area that sell PaySafeCard, use the PaySafeCard Location Finder.

What Amounts Can You Buy PaySafeCard In?

There are minimums and maximums when buying PaySafeCard, but keep in mind that these limits refer to individual purchases. If you need more money than the maximum allows, you simply need to make more than one transaction. PaySafeCard in Canada is sold in amounts of $10, $30, $50, $100, $150, and $250.

What Happened to Ukash

Ukash was purchased by PaySafeCard and they are now one in the same. If you have Ukash vouchers, you can still use them under the PaySafeCard deposit option. Finextra did a nice article on the Ukash to PaySafeCard changeover.