Ukash is an ultra-convenient payment system that uses pre-paid “vouchers” that can be can be bought from various outlets such as stores, gas stations and ATMs worldwide. Ukash, was founded in the UK in 2005 and essentially converts cash money into “e-money”.

Ukash is currently available in more than 55 countries and its payments are accepted by thousands of websites and hundreds of online casinos.  It’s easy to find a local supplier by doing a quick search on Ukash’s website which will return you a list of suggested stores near to your location that offer prepaid Ukash cards.

Ukash’s rapidly growing network and its ease of use has allowed it to rapidly establish itself as one of the most preferred alternative payment methods online.

What is Ukash

Ukash is probably the simplest payment method around and is also completely anonymous which makes it exceedingly popular for online gambling transactions.

All you need to do to use Ukash for your gambling activities, is purchase a card from an outlet without handing over any personal details. You’ll receive a ticket with a unique 19-digit code which you can then use to make payments or purchase goods anywhere on the internet where Ukash is accepted as a payment option.

Benefits of using Ukash

There are various advantages of using this platform to make a deposit in an online casino:

  • Privacy – Paying in an online casino with Ukash is completely anonymous. You don’t need to hand over any bank details or sensitive data.
  • Security – As you don’t need to divulge any sensitive personal information, all deposits are 100% safe.
  • Instantaneous – Payments are carried out instantly.
  • Widely supported – Ukash is accepted as a payment method in a huge number of online casinos.
  • Use for withdrawals – You can also use your Ukash cards to withdraw winnings from online casinos, completely eliminating the need for credit/debit card or bank account. Fees may apply in this case.
  • Low fees – There are no fees for using Ukash to deposit cash with online casinos and low fees for using Ukash to withdraw winnings, as expected.
  • Easy to purchase – Ukash cards are available from various outlets the word over and are really easy to get hold of.
  • Budgeting – Ukash supports your budgeting efforts and keeps you safe from debt as you can never spend more than you’ve pre-paid for in cash.
  • Various currencies supported – Ukash is available in many currencies offering you great flexibility.

How to deposit with Ukash

Ukash is probably the simplest of all payment methods to use.  Purchase your Ukash card at a relevant retail outlet to get your unique 19-digit code that will allow you to use your money anywhere online where Ukash payments are supported.

Chose a casino that supports “Ukash” and enter your Ukash code to credit your account with the desired amount.

The process is so easy to complete.  You will be up and running playing in a matter of minutes.

Bottom line on Ukash

In the decade since its launch, Ukash has established itself as a popular payment resource for good reason. Its primary benefit is the anonymity it offers by not requiring personal details to be handed over to the casino. It is also favoured because it’s simple to use, has low fees, great security and the company offers reliable, user-friendly customer service.

Today it is one of the most-liked, used and preferred payment methods among casino customers worldwide.