The Boku payment method allows you to pay for goods and services online using your mobile phone number. Partnering with mobile operators around the world, Boku offers a frictionless mobile payment system that is simple to use, fast, safe and secure.

Boku is one of the most recognisable mobile phone payments providers today servicing 68 countries through more than 250 carrier partners.  It is connected to hundreds of merchants worldwide including a large number of online casinos .

The rise of mobile casino use has also created demand for more payment options for mobile users and Boku offers mobile users the ultimate convenience of being able to pay and play from the same device.

What is Boku?

Boku allows you to credit your casino account by means of your mobile phone number. It’s as simple as choosing “pay by mobile” on your favourite casino site, inputting your mobile phone number and confirming the deposit amount.

Using Boku requires no registration, and no payment details to be entered. Since this is a carrier-billing payments processing option, any deposits that are processed through Boku are billed directly to your mobile phone account and will appear on your mobile phone bill. For prepaid mobile users, the amount you want to deposit is taken directly from your credit.

Boku is ideal if you don’t want to use, or don’t have, a bank account or a credit card, for your online gaming.

Boku is discreet, fast and convenient.

Benefits of using Boku

  • Quick and easy – You pay from the same device you are already playing on, making it seamless and fast to enjoy your favourite casinos without having to log onto another computer to top up.
  • Play anywhere and everywhere – Your mobile is always with you, and you can play and pay from wherever you may be.
  • No credit or debit cards or bank accounts needed – You don’t have to have a bank account or a credit card to use Boku to deposit cash at a mobile casino.
  • No need to give personal information –You don’t have to fill out forms, give away personal information or undergo identity checks. You just deposit by replying to an SMS message. Boku is available to everyone who has a phone number with a network that supports it.
  • It’s fast – Since you don’t have to do anything but give your phone and reply a text message, Boku Mobile Payment is one the very fastest mobile casino payment methods around. A Boku deposit casino is ideal for you if love simplicity and just want to play!
  • It’s simple – Boku is probably the easiest way to make a mobile casino deposit
  • It’s Safe – You are less vulnerable to cyber-attacks or identity theft with Boku because all you use is your mobile number for your transactions.

How to deposit with Boku

Boku is designed to be simple.  You don’t have to undergo a lengthy setup process. Boku arranges everything with your mobile carrier. All you have to do is use the service at checkout and nothing more!

Here’s how to use Boku to credit your online casino of choice:

·         Decide which casino you want to play at and make sure it supports Boku pay

·         Go to the “depositing” area on the casino site

·         Choose Boku or Pay-by-Phone as your payment method

·         Supply your mobile number

·         Respond to the SMS you receive and confirm your purchase

·         You’re ready to play!

Bottom line on Boku

Boku is a great payment method for online gamblers of all kinds especially those who prefer to use mobile gambling apps to play from their phones. It’s also convenient if you don’t want to go through a lengthy set-up process or provide a lot of personal information. Boku’s main selling points are its speed of use, the anonymity or provides and the convenience. Overall Boku is a great method to pay that is extremely popular with gamblers, and the convenience it offers means that this isn’t likely to change any time soon!